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Salsa Lady and Virgil Coeriel

Salsa Lady recently taught a three-month salsa class for beginners and intermediate dancers with Virgil Coeriel at AllSports in Amstelveen.
Photos: Anouschka Schaffers

Salsa Lady and Virgil Coeriel

SALSA LADY IS NOW AN APPROVED LATIN MIX INSTRUCTOR at the largest fitness chain in Denmark. Latin Mix is a mix of different latin dances such as Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton. The classes have been a huge success from the beginning and have taken the customers by storm. To be an approved instructor you need to pass an exam where a high level of dancing skill is required.

READ ABOUT SALSA LADY'S SALSA PHILOSOPHY and learn how to be a better Salsa dancer faster and with a lot of joy and pleasure.
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Welcome to Salsa Lady’s world of sensual, energetic and elegant Lady Styling!

"After just a single class with Therese I went home with the feeling of having learned a whole lot. Therese teaches in a very pedagogical way, and I got a lot of little tips and tools that I can use right away, as well as some that need some practice at home before I can present them at the different salsa venues in town. Therese's passion and energy are incredibly contagious and get you to dance salsa with your entire body, out into the fingertips."
Maja Fabrin


If you love dancing Salsa, Salsa Lady is the right place to be. With Salsa Lady’s classes, you will get the inspiration and the technique to enjoy dancing Salsa even more, in a sensual and elegant way.
On my website you can read more about the upcoming workshops, what Lady Styling is, and several articles about Salsa and Lady Styling, such as ”Salsa Lady’s 10 secrets to sensual and elegant Lady Styling”.

If you are looking for a special present, you can find relevant information under ”Gift vouchers”.
Remember that you are always very welcome to contact me if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to introduce you to my universe of sensual, energic and elegant Lady Styling!

Love, Salsa Lady

When I discovered Salsa, it was like true love at first sight…

- Salsa Lady


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